You will find on this site a large number of astrological possibilities of the best growth. Interpretations, ephemeris and calculations of the ascendant, etc., this site is dedicated to an open astrology, professional but really accessible.

The astrological passion

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The quality of his programs comes from our great experience, forged in a great part through thousands of consultations.

The Orion-Astro range is composed of 3 software programs:

  1. Orion-Astro Studio — the basic version
  2. Orion-Astro Standard — the very interesting intermediary version
  3. Orion-Astro Maestro — the professional version

Version 2.0



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Astrological papers and studies

Here are some ideas to make a better use of some astrological techniques rarely used, such as eclipses and divisional charts.

Papers and studies


Planetary positions now

Heure d'Europe centale;

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